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Our Mission

To serve and improve the quality of life of the patients affected by facial or body deformities caused by trauma, post surgery, or congenital defect through the application of art and science to artificially restore elements of the human body with high realism. Our prosthetics aid in function and improve the appearance, body image and self-esteem of individuals by helping them blend in and achieve a more normal life. We continually strive to advance our field providing our patients with the highest quality prosthetics and educating our patients, the public and other medical professionals about our services. 


We are dedicated to research and implementation of the most advanced materials and techniques that safely meet our quality objectives.


A fully functioning Facial & Somato Prosthetics Services has been established at IPEC in 2012. A well-qualified and experienced prosthetist will undertake the procedure and fabricate a best prosthesis. 

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