About us

International Prosthetic Eye Center, has been established in 2010 to provide a complete range of Ocular, Facial and Somato Prosthetics services. The staff at the IPEC has a clinical experience of over 16 years. With this experience, it is possible to create an extremely realistic prosthesis using materials and methods available today. A well qualified and experienced Prosthetist will undertake the procedure to fabricate a life-like prosthesis that restores your appearance back to normal.

From the moment you contact the Center, two to three day appointments for the custom impression/ mold, custom coloring and veining, delivery and adjustments of your ocular artificial eye or scleral shell and the prosthetic eye care needed for your new prosthetic eye, our Center strives to give you the highest attention, care and respect you deserve.Patients travel throughout the state and worldwide to our state of the art facility which is located in the beautiful city of India in twin city in Hyderabad for prosthetic eye treatment. For the convenience of our patients, we offer a two night stay a hotel nearby to the center for the duration of their treatment at very economic price can be arranged