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About us

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Kuldeep Raizada Ph D BCO BADO FAAO_edited.jpg

Deepa D Raizada

Chief Anaplastologist

Dr Kuldeep Raizada

Chief Ocularist

International Prosthetic Eye Center, has been established in 2010, and Facial & Somato Prosthetic Center wing was added to it to provide a wide range of Prosthetic services including orbital (oculo-facial) prosthesis, prosthetic ear, prosthetic nose, finger and toe prosthesis, nipple-areolar prosthesis etc.


Our Chief Anaplastologist Deepa D. Raizada and Chief Ocularist Dr Kuldeep Raizada has clinical experience of nearly 20 years. This experience makes it possible to create an extremely realistic prosthesis using materials and methods available today. A well-qualified and experienced Prosthetist will undertake the procedure to fabricate a life-like prosthesis that restores your appearance back to normal.


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