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International prosthetic Offers the wide range of services from ocular to facial and other so many unique and different type of prosthesis, which you will have streamline experience when you visit us, below are of our few services which we offer for our patients.


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Ocular prosthesis, custom artificial eye services at Hyderabad, INDIA
Ocular Prosthetics
  • Custom ocular prosthesis

  • Scleral shell

  • Ultra-thin prosthesis

  • Iris-painted shell

  • Ptosis crutch prosthesis

  • Light-weight prosthesis

  • Self-lubricating prosthesis

  • Silicone ocular prosthesis

  • Socket expansion therapy


FInger prosthesis, Hyderabad, INDIA
Somato Prosthetics
Facial Prosthetic Services in Hyderabad, INDIA
Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Cranioplasty plate, Hyderabad, INDIA
Other Service
  • Finger prosthesis

  • Partial hand prosthesis

  • Toe prosthesis

  • Partial foot prosthesis

  • Breast prosthesis

  • Nipple / areolar prosthesis


  • Obturators

  • Keloid splints

  • Pressure masks for facial burns

  • Cosmetic camouflage

  • 3D craniofacial models

  • Cranioplasty plates




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